Melbourne Personal Trainer Body Hack Blows Your Mind

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This Melbourne Personal Trainer Hack Will Blow Your Mind

A Melbourne Personal Trainer With a Point of Difference.

If you’ve had endless setbacks on your fitness journey, can’t seem to break through to the fitness level you’d like or don’t know how to stay on track and reach your fitness goals, then you need to meet Michael SmithMichael is the Owner and Personal Trainer at Core Impact Health & Fitness, located in Lower Plenty – 20km North East of Melbourne’s CBD and has helped many who thought they’d be stuck in pain forever.

As a qualified Myotherapist, Michael has been trained to talk to your bodies muscles, tendons and ligaments in order to crack their code and help you reach optimum health and fitness. Combining this knowledge with his 20 Years of Health and Fitness experience, he has developed a knack for finding and removing clients BLOCKERS that have stopped them from moving forward on their fitness journey.

“A Melbourne Personal Trainer with Myotherapy Know How might blow your mind, yet it also means.. Peace of Mind – Knowing Your Body is in Safe Hands.”

Melbourne Personal Trainer Ensuring Correct Form
Melbourne Personal Trainer and Myotherapy Client

With his Myotherapy expertise, you don’t need to be afraid of your body breaking down as your training increases. Michael assesses your movement patterns, identifies imbalances, and addresses any muscular or skeletal issues that can limit your training. His ability to detect weakness and tightness lets him builds your overall strength, mobility, and stability whilst minimising and preventing injury.

As a leading Melbourne Personal Trainer with almost 20 years industry experience, Michael knows how to bring the energy to a workout and is ready to guide you on a transformative fitness journey. Experience the benefits of his expert guidance and accountability in person at Lower Plenty or if you prefer, do online sessions from the comfort of your own home to avoid the winter cold (and cake shop) altogether.

Below are 10 Compelling Reasons to choose Michael at Core Impact Health & Fitness as your Melbourne Personal Trainer.

1. The Best Expertise – 20 Years Experience:

Michael’s fitness journey spans 20 years in the health and fitness industry, so you can trust that you are in capable hands. He is also a Melbourne Personal Trainer that keeps up to date with the latest fitness trends, techniques, and research in order to design effective programs that deliver results.

Whether you’re looking for endurance-based training, high-intensity training, core muscle resilience, strength conditioning or improving overall health and fitness – Michael is sure to have a program that suits your needs.

Michael Smith of Core Impact Health & Fitness
Myotherapy Can Help Back Pain

2. Michael’s Personalised Client Approach:

Michael understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to fitness and creates personalised training programs based on your unique goals, abilities, and preferences. A core difference with Michael’s approach is that he provides clear guidance to his clients.

A FREE Discovery Call is the starting point to determine your health & fitness needs and goals. Michael takes the time to understand your needs, limitations, and aspirations to develop a plan that maximises your potential and ensures long-term success. 

3. A Goal-Oriented Melbourne Personal Trainer:

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, improve flexibility, or enhance athletic performance, Michael will work with you to define clear goals and develop a no-nonsense roadmap to achieve them. His goal-oriented approach keeps you focused and motivated, making every Personal Training session purposeful and effective.

Michael has also developed the ability to create personal training solutions that adjust to suit each individual’s needs over time. So if you’re looking for a Melbourne Personal Trainer that keeps you heading towards your goals, look no further. 

Melbourne Personal Trainer with Myotherapy Knowledge Helps Client
A Myotherapist & Personal Trainer in Melbourne Australia

4. Stay Motivated & Accountable:

If you’re looking to be challenged to get the best out of yourself, then Michael, aka “Mr Torture Man” is an ideal choice as your Melbourne Personal Trainer. When required he will push your perceived limits, both physically and mentally.

A key benefit of training with Michael is the motivation and accountability he provides. He will keep you on track, monitor your progress, and celebrate your successes. With regular check-ins and support, you’ll stay committed throughout your fitness journey.

Another way to stay motivated is to bring a mate (or two) along and take advantage of the savings that Group Personal Training Sessions offer. It’s definitely a great way to raise the stakes further and add additional motivation to workouts.

5. Learn Proper Form and Technique:

Performing exercises with correct form and technique is crucial for maximising results and preventing injuries. Michael’s keen eye for detail ensures you perform each exercise safely and effectively, minimising the chance of injury and ensuring optimal muscle engagement.

Michael’s strong focus on proper technique and quality of movement better activates your muscles and gets them warmed up as your Personal Training session builds. Jump from Pilate like scissor kicks, yoga like stretches, to boxing or push-ups aimed at improving your musculoskeletal health with safe, effective exercise.

Learning Proper Form & Technique with a Melbourne Personal Trainer

6. Experience Varied and Dynamic Workouts:

Boredom is definitely not a part of Michael’s vocabulary. He takes training to the next level, builds your core muscles and teaches you general health and fitness advice. Core Impact Health & Fitness’ Personal Training is always varied, challenging, and exciting unlike some less experienced Melbourne Personal Trainers.

Focussed on training smarter, each session is designed to push your limits, whilst keeping you engaged and eager for more. Workouts suit your needs and goals (butt, abs, legs, the works) with a mix of exercises, equipment, and training styles. If you choose Michael as your Personal Trainer prepare for some post-session wobbly legs.

Try Boxing with a Melbourne Personal Trainer
Outdoor Personal Training Melbourne Australia

7. Online Training Convenience & Flexibility:

Core Impact Health & Fitness’ Online Personal Training offers the flexibility and convenience to fit fitness into your busy lifestyle. Michael is one of the Best when it comes to Melbourne Personal Trainers with Online PT experience as he has a wealth of knowledge. His sessions are designed to meet your individual needs, focusing on enhancing core daily functional movements, body composition and long-term wellness.

Working out from the comfort of your home or location of your choice, makes fitness a seamless part of your daily routine. Schedule an Online Personal Training Session that work best for you, and eliminate the need to commute to gym this winter.

Lady doing a pushup during Core Impact's online fitness classes

8. Squash Bad Habits with Lifestyle Guided Nutrition:

Michael is a Melbourne Personal trainer that also provides valuable nutritional guidance to complement personal training sessions and has created diets for a diverse range of clientele. He works with people from different lifestyles, including athletes, busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, and retirees.

Learn healthy eating habits, get a personalised meal plan, and learn how to make sustainable dietary changes to support your fitness goals, build muscle and eliminate fat.

9. Receive Positive Support and Encouragement:

Michael brings a positive and encouraging attitude to Personal Training Sessions. He understands that a supportive and uplifting environment plays a crucial role in your fitness journey. He will cheer you on, push you beyond your perceived mental limits (with some healthy competition) and celebrate your achievements.

Michael has proven experience helping Melbournites from all walks of life achieve their weight loss, muscle gain, energy improvement, nutrition enhancement, and other physical health goals. With his unwavering support you’ll also gain the confidence and motivation to overcome obstacles and surpass your fitness expectations.

A Personal Trainer in Melbourne providing motivation
A fitness assessment with a Melbourne Personal Trainer

10. Myotherapy Speaks Your Bodies Lingo:

Michael’s Myotherapy experience provides him with the ability to understand the complexities of the human body including anatomy, musculoskeletal function, and injury prevention. He can design you a personal training program that focuses on your fitness while managing underlying conditions.

Incorporating Myotherapy into personal training ensures each workout suits your body’s specific needs, such as recovering from injury, managing chronic pain, or looking to enhance your athletic performance. Michael will deliver a training program that is safe, effective, and suited to your needs. Experience training with a Melbourne Personal Trainer who understands the human body.

Move Your Health and Fitness to the Front Seat.

Unlock your true potential and experience the transformative power of personal training with Michael at Core Impact Health and Fitness. Your fitness journey starts today—take control of your health, push your limits, and achieve the results you always desired.

Start with a FREE Personal Training Discovery Call.

The first step towards a stronger, fitter, and healthier you is booking a FREE Discovery Call with Michael. Discuss your personal training needs, goals, and aspirations and allow Michael to provide the insights and answers you seek. Choosing Michael as your #1 Melbourne Personal Trainer guides you towards a healthier, happier, and more vibrant life.

Get Started with Melbourne Personal Trainer Michael Smith

Elevate your Fitness with Core Impact Personal Training.

Embark on a fitness journey like no other with Michael at Core Impact Health and Fitness in Lower Plenty. His expert guidance, motivation, accountability, and positive approach to personal training will help you achieve outstanding results. With online personal training sessions transform your health and fitness from the comfort of your home. Never miss a session!

Core Impact Health and Fitness is located in the Lower Plenty area which is approximately 20km North East of Melbourne’s CBD and close to Montmorency, Rosanna, Viewbank, Templestowe, Eltham and close to many other North Eastern Melbourne Suburbs.

Book A FREE Discovery Call

Discover Your Fitness Journey!

Join Core Impact Health and Fitness, located in Lower Plenty, Victoria, just 20km North East of Melbourne's CBD. Experience the difference our personalised approach to fitness makes.

Schedule a FREE discovery call with experienced Personal Trainer & Myotherapist Michael Smith. Fill out the form to discuss your goals and find the perfect plan for you.

Take control of your health and start your transformative fitness journey now. Book your discovery call and let us guide you towards a happier, healthier you!

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