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Myotherapy: Your Secret Weapon

Ever heard of Myotherapy? It’s your ace in injury prevention and recovery. Our Myotherapy articles help you recharge and revitalize your muscles.

Personal Training: Unleash Your Inner Athlete

Stuck in a fitness rut? Our Personal Training articles help maximise your workouts, boost stamina, and sculpt your dream body. 

FAQs: Your Fitness Queries, Answered!

Our Frequently Asked Question articles are your treasure trove for all health and fitness related questions. You ask, we answer!

Kickstart Your Fitness Journey

We’re committed to powering your fitness journey with the right knowledge. Newbie or veteran, young or old this blog’s for you. Welcome aboard!

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Core Impact’s Health & Fitness Blog is an engaging platform for anyone interested in enhancing their fitness journey. The blog offers a diverse range of topics, covering Personal Training and Myotherapy, along with answers to frequently asked questions and other relevant information.

Our Personal Training articles deliver effective advice on maximizing workouts, increasing stamina, and achieving your desired body shape. Myotherapy articles provide insights into injury prevention, muscle recovery, and overall body rejuvenation.

The FAQ section will grow over time and is dedicated to answering a plethora of health and fitness-related queries, offering guidance on topics like nutrition, exercise routines, injury management, and much more.

The blog adopts an encouraging, casual tone, keeping the content fun, engaging, and relatable. It contains the 20 Years of Health Industry expertise gained by personal trainer and myotherapist, Michael Smith, delivering expert advice and strategies based on real-life experience.

With a commitment to empowering its readers with the right knowledge, Core Impact’s Health & Fitness blog serves as an excellent resource for fitness enthusiasts of all levels and ages.

Michael Smith of Core Impact Health & Fitness writes weekly articles in the Health & Fitness Blog