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core impact Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

Hi, I’m Michael!

As both a Personal Trainer and Myotherapist, my understanding of pain has allowed me to not only treat the physical pain my clients present with, but to also understand and address the mental and emotional toll pain has on them as well. 

With these two skill sets my passion and aim is to do my absolute best to help you. If you are struggling with pain or have health and fitness goals, I would encourage you to reach out for a free discovery call, to see if you believe I can be of help to you.

Today is the day to begin, take it one day at a time until you become you again. 

How do you think you will feel when you do?

Healthy Regards, Michael Smith  – Core Impact Health & Fitness 

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I am the Pain to Know, when You Are in Pain!

I am curious to know, is pain a key factor in your decision to get in touch with a Personal Trainer or Myotherapist? Is finding a way to resolve it becoming an even bigger pain? Well, luckily you just found me, as I’m here to help change your life and work together with you to turn it around. Hence the heading, “I am the pain to know..!” I’m the good pain to have in your life, to get rid of the bad pain that brought you to me.

As a Personal Trainer, I see my clients pained with not being the person they would most like to be. This weighs heavily on them as physical or even emotional pain. For instance, you might be carrying more weight than you used to. You might not be as fit or as strong as you once were. You might be seriously lacking energy, to do what seems like the most basic of tasks. You can’t keep up with the kids, and you wished you could. You might be heavily career focused and you seem to suffer regularly with back and/or neck pain, you could even suffer from migraines or headaches.

Michael Smith

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Online Class

Try a Free Week of Michael’s Group PT Online Fitness Class.

“I started 1-2-1 Personal Training with Michael because moving around the set all day left me with lower back pain.

Within 3 months of starting my back had improved out of sight and I could once again bend and stretch with ease.

I now do the online class to stay flexible and in control of my overall fitness.

Michael A – Templestowe


I LOVE the HIIT workouts they have put together, the exercises have so much variety, you really get a whole-body workout in 30 minutes. I always leave with a sense of accomplishment.

Kimberley J – Doncaster

core impact Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

Balanced BODY

Myotherapy Sessions help with your bodies soft tissue pain and imbalances.

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Build Your Core

1-2-1 Personal and Group Personal Training sessions with Michael Smith.

core impact Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

Experience The Power

Core Impact LIVE online fitness classes will take your fitness to a new level.

Core Impact Health & Fitness' Services


The Core Difference

At Core Impact Health and Fitness we work together with our clients to develop personal fitness strategies that get results.

As experts in Myotherapy and Personal Training our point of difference is a whole body approach that allows us to deliver fitness programs to better suit your needs.

core impact Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

I have been training with Michael for over a year. I have so much more energy and love the personal coaching. Tried other gyms before could never get motivated, with core impact I enjoy going and feel great after my workout.

Mary S

Personal Training
core impact Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

Awesome workouts every time. Michael is a fabulous trainer, hands on and attentive, always motivates you to get to the next level. Classes are super fun, engaging and everyone is friendly. Boxing class is one of my fav. Highly recommended!

Jane C

Group PT Classes

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