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What Is Core Training?

Core Impact Health & Fitness Personal Training Lower Plenty. Effective core exercise trains the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and stomach to work in harmony, leading to better balance and steadiness. Core Impact Personal Training increases mobility by strengthening the central part of your body to bring more ea ease to your movement. Contact Michael to discuss your fitness goals and start building your core fitness today.

Personal 1-2-1 Fitness

1-2-1 Training provides the  comprehensive feedback and motivation you need to hit your fitness goals faster.


If you like a bit of healthy competition to spur you on then a group training session could be the right fit for you.

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Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level? With custom exercise routines, an expert trainer, and progress tracking, you'll be on your way to a fit and healthy body.

Invest in a Personal Training program at Core Impact Health & Fitness to get started on your personalised fitness journey right away.

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Start building your core fitness and strength today!

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Enhanced Physical Strength and Stamina

Benefit from custom training plans at Core Impact, tailored to boost your strength and overall endurance.

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Improved Mental Well-being & Mood

Experience reduced stress and an uplifted mood with engaging, enjoyable workouts at Core Impact.


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Sustained Weight Loss and Toned Physique

Achieve lasting weight loss and a lean, toned body with our dual approach to fitness and nutrition.

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Meet The Trainer!

As a Personal Trainer, I see my clients pained with not being the person they would most like to be. This weighs heavily on them as physical or even emotional pain. For instance, you might be carrying more weight than you like, not as fit or strong as you once were, or suffer regularly with back pain, migraines or headaches.

My passion and aim is to do my absolute best to help you. If you have health and fitness goals, I would encourage you to reach out for a free discovery call today.

Today is the day to begin, take it one day at a time until you become you again. How do you think you will feel when you do?

Healthy Regards, Michael Smith  – Core Impact Health & Fitness

Learn more about Michael’s Personal Training Experience.

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Join Core Impact Health and Fitness, located in Lower Plenty, Victoria, just 20km North East of Melbourne's CBD. Experience the difference our personalised approach to fitness makes.

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Your overall fitness, core strength, agility, weight, and posture.

Improving Core Muscle Strength at Core Impact Health & Fitness
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Core Strength

Our 1-2-1 personal training programs improve your bodies core muscle strength.

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Core Strength

Personal Training Cardio Plans at Core Impact Health & Fitness
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Cardio Fitness

Our customised cardio exercise plans are suited to your body to improve your fitness faster.

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Cardio Fitness

Melbourne Personal Trainer with Myotherapy Knowledge Helps Client
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Core Impact personal training addresses imbalances in posture and corrects them.

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Correct Posture

Your Path to Personal Fitness Success

Embrace a life of health and vitality with Core Impact’s comprehensive personal training programs. We don’t just help you exercise; we empower you to become your fittest self. Here’s how our personal training sessions can propel you towards your fitness goals:

Tailored Exercise Regimes: Your body is unique, and your fitness program should be too. I conduct thorough fitness assessments to craft personal workout plans, taking into account your current fitness level, goals, and lifestyle.

Injury Prevention: A major advantage of professional personal training is learning the correct form and technique. This guidance not only enhances your workout efficiency but also significantly reduces your risk of injury.

Motivation and Accountability: We all have those days when hitting the gym seems impossible. A personal trainer serves as a constant source of motivation and ensures you stay committed to your fitness journey.

Dietary Advice: Physical fitness isn't just about exercise; it's also about fueling your body with the right nutrients. As your trainer, I provide nutritional guidance to complement your training regimen and expedite your progress.

Optimised Workout Efficiency: Experience Core Impact's personal training programs, expertly designed to boost your stamina, strength, and flexibility while reducing fatigue - it's your express train to fitness success!

Invest in yourself with a Personal Training plan from Core Impact.

Start your transformation journey, and discover the difference a professional touch can make in your fitness endeavors.

Experience the Core Impact difference, book a FREE Discovery Call with me, Personal Trainer & Myotherapist Michael Smith, to begin your journey towards a stronger, healthier you.

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Plans To Suit You

Core Impact Fitness can come up with a personal training plan to suit your lifestyle.


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