MYOTHERAPY relieves muscular and joint issues by treating both the immediate symptoms and underlying cause. Correct bad posture, loosen tight muscles, relax stiff joints, soothe pulsing nerves and reduce body tension aches.

Minimise Pain – Myotherapy Lower Plenty, Victoria.

A Myotherapist working on a ladies back during a treatment

INNER Fitness

Rejuvinate the connections between your muscles, ligaments and tendons.


Myotherapy uses different treatments to free up tight muscles and ligaments.


Book an initial consultation to determine the best way to treat your body.

Body & Mind

Soothing your aching muscles and joints provides peace of mind too.

Got Aches & Pains?

Myotherapy in Lower Plenty Can Help

If you suffer from chronic muscle tightness, joint stiffness or general aches and pains, Core Impact Health & Fitness Myotherapy in Lower Plenty can help. Our Myotherapy treatment plans relieve pain and improve motion by releasing tight muscles, mobilizing stiff joints, and correcting body imbalances.

Myotherapy is a hands-on physical therapy that targets the root cause of common musculoskeletal problems using techniques like trigger point therapy to deactivate knots, dry needling to relieve muscle tightness, and joint mobilisation stretches. Myotherapist Michael Smith will loosen your tight muscles, get your joints moving freely and prescribe corrective exercises to continue on your path to recovery.

Get lasting relief from neck, back and knee pain, sports injuries, arthritis symptoms and restore proper motion, strength and function. Myotherapy can get you back to full health and the great news is that many private health insurances cover Myotherapy treatment so you can claim reimbursements (check your extras cover).

If aches, pains or reduced joint mobility impact your day-to-day life, relieve Muscle and Joint Pain the Natural Way with Myotherapy Treatment in Lower Plenty!

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Join Core Impact Health and Fitness, located in Lower Plenty, Victoria, just 20km North East of Melbourne's CBD. Experience the difference our personalised approach to fitness makes.

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Take control of your health and start your transformative fitness journey now. Book your discovery call and let us guide you towards a happier, healthier you!

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I am the Pain to Know, when You Are in Pain!

Is pain a key factor in your decision to get in touch with a Myotherapist?

Well, luckily you just found me, as I’m here to help change your life and work together with you to turn it around. Hence the heading, “I am the pain to know..!” I’m the good pain to have in your life, to get rid of the bad pain that brought you to me.

As a Myotherapist, I see my clients pained with not being able to be the person they would most like to be. This weighs heavily on them as physical or even emotional pain. For instance, you might not be as fit or as strong as you once were or seriously lacking energy, or you might seem to suffer regularly with back and/or neck pain, you could even suffer from migraines or headaches.

My passion and aim is to do my absolute best to help you. If you have health and fitness goals, I encourage you to reach out for a Free Discovery Call today.

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Michael Smith

Learn about Michael Smith’s Health & Fitness Experience.

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I visited Michael because of sore shoulders and upper back tightness and he helped relieve the worst of it right away and after a few visits I am feeling back to normal again. It is such a relief and I can't thank Michael enough for his help.

Robert F

Upper Back Pain RELIEF

myotherapy Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

The pain in my shoulder when I lifted it was very severe and I thought I had disclocated my shoulder, yet the xray was perfect. I gave Myotherapy a try after a friend recommended Michael and I am glad I did, as it is now 100% better.

Kristen H

Shoulder Pain GONE.

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Luckily you found me, as I’m here to help change your life and work together with you to turn your pain around.

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To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

myotherapy Myotherapy & Personal Training Services

THE Buddha

Enlightened One


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