Group Personal Training

Our Group Personal Training is an affordable way to have a personal trainer. Sharing your session with another client, which could be a friend you have organized to train with, or one of our current friendly clients. Working as a team to achieve your goals is a great way to keep each other motivated, on track and is heaps of FUN too!

Our highly experienced personal fitness trainers will help you set and achieve your goals and continue to maintain this after your goals have been achieved and even help you set new challenging goals to achieve. Whether it’s for weight loss training, increasing your fitness to resistance training for muscle tone and/or building strength. We will keep you on the right path to making your goals a reality!

We offer great support around your group personal training sessions. Should you need extra advice/help or have any questions simply email/text or call your trainer any time and they will be there to help you.

Our studio provides a bright, open, comfortable and safe environment for group personal training. The studio is located in Templestowe, in the heart of the City of Manningham. On site facilities include a fully equipped personal training studio, change rooms and showers, and an adjacent car park.

Some Expected Results of our Group Personal Training:

  • Learning and performing exercise correctly and safely
  • Improved posture and body mobility
  • Muscle toning and strengthening
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Increased fitness and recovery
  • Strengthen your core
  • Dietary advice
  • Weight Loss
  • A Shared Personal Training session designed to fit the goals of the members of the group


Michael Smith
Michael Smith

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Glenda Gauntlett
Glenda Gauntlett

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Opening Hours


Via appointment or for scheduled classes Monday to Sunday

Class Timetable

  •  Monday (Boxing and Strength Training) 6am
  •  Monday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Tuesday (HIIT/Flexibility)6pm
  •  Wednesday (High Intensity Strength Training) 10am
  •  Wednesday (Boxing and Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Thursday (Boxing and Strength Training) 10am
  •  Friday (High Intensity Strength Training) 6am and 10:30am
  •  Saturday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7:45am
  •  Sunday (Free Run/Walk)10am