Kids Boxing Fitness Classes

Core Impact Health & Fitness has designed special kids’ fitness programs for children in the Manningham area.

Our fun, energetic fitness programs for children and adolescents promote the importance of regular sporting activities for kids. We have group programs available for 4-8 participants, with all levels of fitness catered for in the program.


New class times can be created, enquire's welcomed click here


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    Kids Fitness with Michael
(0403 482 183)


Kids Fitness with Michael
(0403 482 183)

The program includes boxing for kids (non-contact), sports and agility training, fitness testing, flexibility and games, all with a strong emphasis on fun and being active.

Technology looms as having a huge impact on the health of our children now and for their futures. Children no longer play outside as much as they should, but rather stay inside playing Play Station or Xbox or what’s even easier to access: tablets and smartphones. This trend will have a detrimental effect on their growth and development; not just in a social aspect but physically too, for example: bodily imbalances due to poor posture.

Having your kids involved in fitness activities will help your child develop essential social skills because of the interaction they will have with other kids and also keep their bodies active to help avoid potential problems as they mature.

Personal trainers ensure their safety during each session and continuously guide and educate them about correct posture, technique and body movements, with assistance of parents where needed.

Book your child’s spot today and get your child excited about health and fitness! For further information contact us today!

Some Expected Results of our Kids Fitness Programs:

  • Warm Up and Cool Downs
  • Develop skills in sport, including boxing (non-contact)
  • Learning Team work
  • Increasing coordination
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Increase Fitness
  • Body awareness through movements

New class times can be created, enquire's welcomed click here

Opening Hours


Via appointment or for scheduled classes Monday to Sunday

Class Timetable

  •  Monday (Boxing and Strength Training) 6am
  •  Monday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Tuesday (HIIT/Flexibility)6pm
  •  Wednesday (High Intensity Strength Training) 10am
  •  Wednesday (Boxing and Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Thursday (Boxing and Strength Training) 10am
  •  Friday (High Intensity Strength Training) 6am and 10:30am
  •  Saturday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7:45am
  •  Sunday (Free Run/Walk)10am