Fun Family Run/Walk

The health and wellbeing of our members and their families is vitally important to us and we encourage and promote family participation in healthy lifestyle activities.

Friends and families, including their dogs, are all welcome to come along to our Fun Family Run/Walk held every Sunday. Nothing beats regular exercise and enjoying healthy activities outdoors as a family.

Research shows that children who participate in regular exercise and family activities when young, grow up being aware of the importance of regular exercise and take these active habits into adult life.

Our surrounding neighbourhood is blessed with a number of walking tracks which we use to vary our walk/run each week, starting and finishing at the Core Impact studio in Templestowe.

All levels of fitness are catered for, with both a running group and a walk/run group. We start at 10am with a warm-up and finish approximately 30-40 minutes later with some stretching. This opens up the possibility of entering various fun runs as a group throughout the year.

Afterwards, you are very welcome to join us for brunch at the local cafe precinct at Templestowe Village.

Nothing beats being outside in the fresh air, enjoying regular exercise and healthy activities as a family!

Opening Hours


Via appointment or for scheduled classes Monday to Sunday

Class Timetable

  •  Monday (Boxing and Strength Training) 6am
  •  Monday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Tuesday (HIIT/Flexibility)6pm
  •  Wednesday (High Intensity Strength Training) 10am
  •  Wednesday (Boxing and Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Thursday (Boxing and Strength Training) 10am
  •  Friday (High Intensity Strength Training) 6am and 10:30am
  •  Saturday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7:45am
  •  Sunday (Free Run/Walk)10am