Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness programs will benefit your business.

Our most important resource is our staff! Core Impact Health & Fitness is here to offer you dynamic corporate fitness programs, encouraging employees to make fitness a priority which then pays off in their work-life in a number of ways.

Staff members who are active are healthier and more alert throughout the day. A fit employee base will reduce absenteeism. Regular exercise results in increased energy and improved focus.

Regular exercise and healthier lifestyles promote self-confidence. Active staff members know they can accomplish higher levels of fitness through hard work, and transfer this attitude to their work-life. They present as positive and confident staff members and their confidence affects others around them. Fit employees tend to influence others and to take on more leadership roles.

Active staff members are used to setting goals for their own fitness and daily life. Their ability to persevere with challenging fitness tasks is a skill that can be transferred to their work-life.

Fit employees tend to have better attitudes. They tend to have a physical and mental “balance” that results in a more positive attitude in the workplace and reduced stress levels.

Healthier and fitter employees have more energy and enthusiasm for team-building resulting in improved staff morale.

Encouraging corporate fitness programs shows that employee welfare is a high priority in the workplace!

Staff will be less likely to move on when they feel that their wellbeing is important to their employer.

#People who exercise on workdays are happier, suffer less stress and are more productive. (Daily Mail Reporter 16/12/2008)

Our Corporate Fitness programs for businesses and their employees can be at locations negotiated with the corporate client. We can come to the business venue and assess available spaces and nearby facilities appropriate for accommodating your corporate sessions. Sessions may also be held in our training studio in Templestowe.

Sessions will be conducted by our qualified and accredited Personal Trainers for training small to large groups. Support will be designed for a range of abilities and needs so that everyone is capable of participating.

Corporate fitness Programs will comprise of a maximum of 20 participants. Larger groups can be negotiated.

Session lengths can be negotiated, to allow sessions to be scheduled during lunch-breaks if required or before or after work hours.

Times and locations to be decided at the time of booking.

Some Expected Results of our Corporate Fitness Programs:

  • Healthier and happier employees and management
  • Improved focus and self-confidence
  • Fun team building activities
  • Reduced sick leave
  • Employee retention
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Increased fitness and recovery
  • Weight loss

Opening Hours


Via appointment or for scheduled classes Monday to Sunday

Class Timetable

  •  Monday (Boxing and Strength Training) 6am
  •  Monday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Tuesday (HIIT/Flexibility)6pm
  •  Wednesday (High Intensity Strength Training) 10am
  •  Wednesday (Boxing and Strength Training) 7pm
  •  Thursday (Boxing and Strength Training) 10am
  •  Friday (High Intensity Strength Training) 6am and 10:30am
  •  Saturday (High Intensity Strength Training) 7:45am
  •  Sunday (Free Run/Walk)10am